Installing the Latest Linux kernel in Ubuntu

This article describes how to install the latest available Linux kernel for Ubuntu.

First, visit the following website:

The website will list many different versions of Linux. You can browse to the version of your choice or choose the latest and greatest bleeding-edge version listed. Please keep in mind that the latest release candidate may include some bugs. The lastest version is usually at the bottom of the list.

When you find your version and click into the folder, you will be presented with several different files. You’ll want to download the file that matches the architecture of your computer. In most cases this will be the amd64 versions for AMD and Intel i-series processors.

Download the files that match these patterns:

  • linux-headers-*-generic_*_amd64.deb
  • linux-headers-*_all.deb
  • linux-image-*-generic_*_amd64.deb

Run the package installer:

$ sudo dpkg -i linux-headers-*.deb linux-image-*.deb

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