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Taking a screenshot on Ubuntu like a Mac

Like Mac, Ubuntu has some screenshot abilities built in that allow for a more friendly screenshot experience. One tool that I really enjoy using is the “screenshot of an area”, sometimes called a “region screenshot”. Macs have the… Read More

Adding Git Branch to Bash

When working with Git, it’s important to know what branch you’re currently on. Ubuntu doesn’t list the branch by default, so we need to modify Bash in order to display the branch name. Below we will be modifying… Read More

React Advice for Faster Rendering

This is some advice that I’ve discovered through working on various React projects. Some of these practices are in response to issues with these projects. They are not intended to be a standard, but more of a guide… Read More

Changing car colors with ImageMagick

I was asked by a colleague if it’s possible to replace the color of a stock car image with a different color using an automated script. I found that ImageMagick has the ability to replace black and white… Read More

My experience with Angular 4 and server-side rendering using platform-server

Let me first state that I’m a professional Angular 1.x developer. I know Angular inside and out, and have fully grasped many of the complexities within Angular’s framework. However, I have little to no experience with Angular 2+,… Read More

Making Brother Scanner Drivers work with Ubuntu 16.10

I have a Brother HL-2280DW network printer which is also a scanner, as many printers are nowadays. Brother, to their benefit, has decent Linux drivers and the printers are great for their reliability. The problem people have recently… Read More

Similarities between Angular 2+ objects and Angular 1 objects

This article will attempt to draw similarities between the various Angular scaffold types in regards to Angular 1 and Angular 2+ (known as AngularJS). The sections will be separated by Angular 2+ scaffold types, while the similar Angular… Read More

Testing AngularJS Templates, Directives, Controllers, Services, Factories, and Filters

Angular is a framework that offers impressive testing ability through unit tests and template-based testing, which we will consider template-based unit testing.

Common Jasmine Matchers for AngularJS

Below are some useful matchers for AngularJS testing. Add them to a file called “matchers.js” and be sure to add that file to your test runner.

A better safeApply with Angular 1.5

Many of you might have run into this error at some point in time: Error: $digest already in progress This is typically created when someone calls $scope.$apply() in the middle of their code. Angular can be finicky about… Read More