Website Optimization – A General Guide + Angular

This article will describe some standard methods to use to optimize your websites. It will also include some tricks for Angular that will increase its performance. This is not going to be a comprehensive article, but it should highlight some of the key components of website and Angular optimization.

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Javascript uses two execution models for code, one is synchronous, meaning code is executed iteratively and effectively one line at a time. The other model is asynchronous, where a bit of code can be executed later, after waiting for some event to occur. The rest of the code will execute in a synchronous fasion until the asynchronous event happens.

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Rocket League

Playing Rocket League on Ubuntu with Wine

Until Psyonix creates the Linux port for Rocket League, we are left with few options for playing this wildly addictive game. However, I’ve been successfully playing this game on Ubuntu using Wine 1.8.

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Installing the Latest Linux kernel in Ubuntu

This article describes how to install the latest available Linux kernel for Ubuntu.

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Ubuntu 16.04 – Installing the Intel Graphics drivers using the Intel Graphics Installer for Linux™

As of the time of writing this article, the Intel Graphics Installer for Linux™ only worked for Ubuntu 15.10.
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Linksys AE6000 Wireless adapter

Linksys AE6000 wireless AC USB adapter in Linux

The Linksys AE6000 is a nice little wireless AC adapter that you can purchase from places like Fred Meyers or Best Buy. It’s not too expensive for what it offers. The speed is decent too. The problem, once again, comes down to Cisco not offering driver support for Linux. Luckily pintu on HPRATH found a solution and linked to some drivers that you can compile.
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Command line beep using Bash

I wanted to make a little script that could make a beep or some fun sound when a long-running terminal process was complete… Because who sits there and watches the terminal all day when we have websites to browse and applications to write?
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Example Motion image

Security Camera Motion Detection with Linux Motion

Security cameras are great for keeping physical evidence on strange events in and around your house. They have picked up thieves stealing Christmas packages, house break-ins, and various other thefts. In this article I’ll teach you how to capture videos from your security cameras using Linux Motion.
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Lenovo Yoga 900 All Modes

Installing Ubuntu 16.04 (Daily) on a Lenovo Yoga 900

Update 2 – 2016-06-13 (see previous update below)

Some have pointed out that this post is well trafficked for installing Ubuntu 16.04 on the Yoga 900. I appreciate this and I hope that this information comes in handy. Please be aware that this post was created for my own reference as well as to help others who might stumble upon it. It’s here so that you can comment below and review the help provided by other generous commenters who are having similar issues. Perhaps they’ll have solved your problem.

I felt it necessary to update this because some people are bringing up new issues that weren’t around when I created this article. Apparently there is a new version of the Yoga 900 which uses an NVMe SSD which may not work well with 16.04.

From user D.S.:
The SSD-problem seems to affect only recent revisions of the device (Yoga 900 13ISK2, 13ISK Business Edition and 12ISK) where the SSD is connected through NVMe.

If you are a lucky owner of the first version of the device (13ISK), you should not have any problems installing Ubuntu 16.04.

If the problem is related to the NVMe drive then there might be some solutions online:
Unable to install GRUB in /dev/nvme
Setting up an NVMe SSD on Ubuntu 14.04 LTS (related to 14.04, but information might transfer to 16.04)
Ubuntu 15.10 does not boot on Intel NUC6i3 with Samsung 950 Pro PCIe NVME SSD

Please feel free to comment below or show support to another comment that may have helped you.


The Linux 4.5 kernel fixes the issues in this post. Please follow the instructions in this post to install the latest Linux kernel for Ubuntu. You may read below if you are interested in installing a custom kernel for Ubuntu.

Installing a custom Kernel

The Lenovo Yoga 900 is an ultrabook that is based on the popular Yoga 3, which evolved from the design of the Yoga 2 model. Essentially, the offering between each model are very similar, specifically a touchscreen, convertible format from laptop to tablet, Bluetooth, and a smooth touch pad, to name a few.
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