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Using React Hooks and Global State with ReactN

I’ve been pretty happy with the addition of Hooks to React, along with functional components. In this post I’ll provide examples on how to use ReactN to cascade global state updates to functional components.

react-digraph: Path to 5,000 Nodes

About 2 years ago I was hired to Uber on a team developing internal tools. One of these tools is a website that uses an Uber-built open source project called react-digraph. Back then, react-digraph could only handle a… Read More

React Advice for Faster Rendering

This is some advice that I’ve discovered through working on various React projects. Some of these practices are in response to issues with these projects. They are not intended to be a standard, but more of a guide… Read More

A better safeApply with Angular 1.5

Many of you might have run into this error at some point in time: Error: $digest already in progress This is typically created when someone calls $scope.$apply() in the middle of their code. Angular can be finicky about… Read More


Javascript uses two execution models for code, one is synchronous, meaning code is executed iteratively and effectively one line at a time. The other model is asynchronous, where a bit of code can be executed later, after waiting… Read More